Wood Box Cafe ( 49)


Just when you are willing to go to a place to change your mood and taste bud, Woodbox cafe is the one on the list in Indirapuram.

Wood box café mainly platters the fusion of Chinese and Indian snacks with a dose of young music. The café which is like a lighting wood box in a jungle has seating arrangement inside as well outside just below the stars that what makes a place more of a GOA themed restaurants. Wood box Café is located at the very happening place in Indirapuram -GC Grand Tower, Shop 22, Middle Cir, Vaibhav Khand and opens till 11 a.m. to11 p.m. As the name suggests the café is adorned with most of the things made of wood including the sausages keeping basket, chairs, walls, flooring, decorations. There is a no. of 30-40 seating with cushioned chairs. The restaurant has also taken care of the environment and there are plants placed wherever possible inside outside.

It has beautifully laid photographs illuminated by small bulbs as if there are fireflies all over. Beautifully textured walls give a mesmerizing background to the place. The seating is lined up in two lines which end to a relaxed sofa at one line. The other line end to a cash counter. The kitchen is at the terrace. The staff was well versed and dressed. Good for the evening snack. The crowd is mostly young. The conventional crockery was replaced with the black engraved one. Add to the convenience they had cutlery for babies as well.


The multi-colored lighting on the ceiling gives a very gushy look to the whole café. The attention goes directly on the hanging of snowflakes which are scattered on the ropes all around the café. Got someone for a date, say yes to wood box café. The outside ambience is smooth and a big cooler provides relief when you are in the daunting month of June.

For the GET dining times, the Herbivorous plate (RS 400) on the menu was a total scratch of the menu for a vegetarian. Though when with a date one can go with falafel (Rs 170) and dumplings (Rs 200) a little expensive than the normal ones. For the Non-vegetarians, Marhabai platter(Rs 400) with a frappe(RS 170)would really be a good combination.For the dessert, they have limited choices of only 3(2 being non-vegetarian) and for the drinks, it was a list loaded with ornamental mock tails. One can have Citrus fruit fusion (Rs 140) out of the pool. Prices exclude taxes. For the skip ones, avoid Meddietarrian sandwiches. For the ones who are sweet lovers, it was a little disappointing. The preparation time is around 30 min (yes a little high) but then you can have a chance to talk more.

Well, Wood box café is a big yes when with friends or on a date-night. The environment is really energetic and refreshing as per the taste of its drinks.

Overall it is a delight to be seated and feasted in the café.