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With us in Indirapuram, you are just one step away from getting neatly printed documents and colored files. All you need to do is press the-PRINT FROM HOME button on the Register once and share print documents as many as you want. All the documents will be delivered to your home (anywhere in Indirapuram ) in a nicely packed file.

 You can enjoy all the facilities as printing documents, black and white as well as colored, making copies of the same on A4 size paper, sharing files and many more.


You can also scan documents, Id cards, pictures and believe me scanned files will make you love your documents all over again. The way the clarity goes with scanned documents can never be achieved with the ones done with the help of a phone. Each image is scanned so perfectly that each color is best visualized. Up to 100 documents are scanned in just thirty minutes. You can also make photocopies. Layout and themes for printing on A4 size paper can be chosen at free of cost. Up gradation for paper is also available.

As you may be well aware that colored printouts have a higher cost than the normal ones. But we offer colored print at just 2 Rs. isn't it amazing? Facilities namely printing pictures, laminating, and special printing required is also available at a very reasonable cost. For the print copies more than 200 pages or bulk printing, the price of printing is discounted to make sure that customer delight is restored. Our terms and conditions are very bendy and enough to bring out your interest

We also offer brochure printing, letterhead printing and photo printing along with normal printing services. We offer a platform for the people who want to convert their thoughts and ideas into a printable page for their respective domains. Specifically talking about the holiday homework for students that come to life after being printed.The colored photos are just like the icing on the cake in the holiday homework books. It also adds to extra scores thereby increasing one's grades. You can also print photo albums and scrapbooks creating everlasting memories. What is better than the unique and though full gift of photo album having beautiful pictures arranged to feel gratified.


You can also put your advertisement and market your business on the website. Just go to QUICK ADD LISTING on the website and register through a small form with nice pictures and reasonable information. Once you are done, your business post will be seen and you are all live to go for the people catering their needs and providing services.

It is very effective as it benefits the people living in Indirapuram. It is like a small cobweb of services in Indirapuram. The other services provided by the website are renting and selling properties, expanding the business, providing services by well-managed vendor base, searching for nearby jobs, Looking for nearby bits of help, reading the review for localities through our blogs and best of all online shopping. You can select your choices and get started with the website.

With us you can grow, prosper and earn.