BTW known for its street delicacies is located in Indirapuram at CS-2, Gyan Khand 3.Originally started by Mr. R K Yadav and now merging into many franchises is a must visit. Growing from a stall into a restaurant has made it worthwhile. It maintains the same flavors in snacks which are a commendable job done by the people working for BTW. Not even the snacks, the multi cuisines severed by the restaurant are also quite relishing.

Located at a very up market place, its exterior is decorated with huge trees and beautiful tropical plants. The outlook is made from transparent glass perfectly suited for family time.


The small staircase makes the restaurant different from the regular ground restaurants. The restaurant is a 2 story building with a hall on the 2nd floor exclusively for the parties and gatherings for up to 300 people. The hall is laid with metal sculptures which are one of its kind. The ceiling decoration is done with a wooden framework just matching to the carvings of chairs and tables. The PAX for parties is 750 -800 Rs. depending on the food chosen.

Coming to the ground floor and 1st floor which is reserved for small dining. The place is designed as if you are seating in a roadside restaurant with street lights and garden dividers of artificial plants. The theme justifies the snacking dishes as if you are eating on some roadside stall.


The place is clean and hygiene. Also, there are facilities like washrooms, drinking water, hand wash area which makes it ideal for family dining. If you wish you have some mouthwatering Indian snacks as Tikki, Gol gape, chat, Papdi but then worried about the cleanliness, then BTW becomes your hot spit point. The black and white floor just fits into the whole theme. The staff is friendly and passionate about serving the customers.


Finally coming to the point, the TIKKI, YES Tikki is the sole purpose why you can eat at BTW. The Tikki plate is a wholesome package. The plate is of 95Rs with two Tikki wrapped in a layer of sausages and sweet curd. The garnishing is done with pomegranate, coriander, Namkeens, chilies. With just one bite you will be lost to its flavors.

You can add another snack to the Tikki say Paneer Tikka(Rs 200) and ChatPapri (Rs 105)chat when you go during the evening time. For Lunch and dinner, one can go with Bhature chole fried in olive oil (Rs 119) or Dal Makhni (RS 219) with Matar Kulcha(Rs 90).

Tandoori platter (RS 248) is not recommended due to its serving time and excess of sausages used. 

Desserts are bliss when in BTW. There is an epitome of Indian deserts like Rabri Faluda (Rs 72), Kulfi (Rs 76), Rasmalai (Rs 32) and Raj Bhog(Rs 29). The Gulab Jamun with an inner layer stuffed with pistachios is a must at just RS 24. BTW  also sells Namkeens, premium cookies, Gift packs, desserts, beverages. You name it, they have it all. 

Great Snacking experience consists of tangy food and a big family, BTW offers you both.